# Artisan Commands

Lighthouse provides some convenient artisan commands. All of them are namespaced under lighthouse.

# clear-cache

Clear the cache for the GraphQL AST.

php artisan lighthouse:clear-cache

# directive

Create a class for a GraphQL directive.

php artisan lighthouse:directive

# ide-helper

Create IDE helper files to improve type checking and autocompletion.

php artisan lighthouse:ide-helper

This will create the following files:

  • schema-directives.graphql: Schema definitions for directives you can use in your schema
  • programmatic-types.graphql: Schema definitions for programmatically registered types, if you have any
  • _lighthouse_ide_helper.php: Class definitions for some magical PHP, such as the TestResponse mixin

A great way to keep up to date with your current version of Lighthouse is to add this script to your composer.json:

"scripts": {
    "post-update-cmd": [
        "php artisan lighthouse:ide-helper"

# interface

Create a class for a GraphQL interface type.

php artisan lighthouse:interface <name>

# mutation

Create a class for a single field on the root Mutation type.

php artisan lighthouse:mutation <name>

Compile the final GraphQL schema and print the result.

php artisan lighthouse:print-schema

This can be quite useful, as the root .graphql files do not necessarily contains the whole schema. Schema imports, native PHP types and schema manipulation may influence the final schema.

Use the -W / --write option to output the schema to the default file storage (usually storage/app) as lighthouse-schema.graphql.

You can output your schema in JSON format by using the --json flag.

# query

Create a class for a single field on the root Query type.

php artisan lighthouse:query <name>

# scalar

Create a class for a GraphQL scalar type.

php artisan lighthouse:scalar <name>

# subscription

Create a class for a single field on the root Subscription type.

php artisan lighthouse:subscription <name>

# union

Create a class for a GraphQL union type.

php artisan lighthouse:union <name>

# validate-schema

Validate the GraphQL schema definition.

php artisan lighthouse:validate-schema